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Accommodation in Nieborow

The farmhouse “House in Nieborow” invites you every season to the village. It is a great place for rest and relaxation. The resort is a great base for everyone. Whether you love the beauty of nature, you love to follow the footsteps of history, or maybe you are looking for entertainment, on the Lowicz Earth you will find what’s most inspiring, interesting and alluring. 
is located between Łódź and Warsaw, in the valley of the River Bzury, among the characteristic part of this Masovia lowland landscape, surrounded by the wall of the Bolimow Primeval Forest. In the area of ​​the forest there is the Bolimów Landscape Park in the area of which there are Rawka nature reserves, Polana Siwica, Kopanicha, Chlebacz and Puszcza Mariańska. Bird lovers will find more than one hundred thirty species of breeding birds in the Bolimowski Landscape Park, including as rare as Black stork, Crane, Bączek, Greylag, Northern Shoveler, Kulik Wielki, Woodcock and Kras.
In the vicinity of our resort is located  Park and Palace of Radziwiłł in Nieborow, romantic Park in Arkadia and Żelazowa Wola – birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin.
Do you like nature and tranquility? Want to relax safely and comfortably? Need an interesting place for workshops or integration meetings in the middle of Poland?
Rest and accommodation in Nieborow! You will always be welcomed at our doorstep!
We offer companies and institutions the organization of events eg. green schools, workshops, trainings, etc. Accommodation in the resort “House in Nieborow” is a place for school trips, wedding guests and seasonal workers.

We offer a magical corner of rest and accommodation in a very good location with the excellent access to the A2 highway.

Nieborów noclegi
Agroturystyka Dom w Nieborowie


We organize occasional parties, picnics, social events, family reunions, painting and art workshops, green schools, integration events as well as meetings around the campfire and grill.
Exchanges of international groups of children and teenagers who go mad at the point of folklore and want to fathom this topic are welcome in our doorsteps.
Animal lovers are invited to spend their free time in nature amidst beautiful vegetation. Occasional gold owners of different dog breeds allow for an excellent fun, exchange of experiences and also nice to spend time.
We invite you to painting workshops and openings, for teenagers and adults on the premises of our farm and the palace and park complex in Nieborow and Arkadia, which have great success. The specificity of painting workshops is creating, looking for something new, showing and interpreting the surrounding reality, which in this case has something magical and unique in itself.
A very atmospheric place to organize hen and stag parties! The possibility of implementing various ideas.

We cordially invite you to our “House of Nieborow” resort, where you will find a wonderful adventure in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Agroturystyka Dom w Nieborowie

House in Nieborow

The perfect place for a family feasting, picnic, walk and rest surrounded by nature and art. An extremely picturesque and magical village in the sheathed Bolimow Landscape Park.